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Effect of the corona situation

The development of the coronavirus, and its impact on the Israeli and global economy, including on households and businesses, requires us to be extra vigilant in managing customers’ credit affairs. We would like to direct your attention to proper action and the informed use of the leniencies published by the Supervisor of Banks in the services offered by the banking system. In this context, we suggest that you contact your credit providers and examine the possibility of delaying or spreading out repayments. We recommend that you avoid exceeding your credit facility, bouncing checks, or late payments as much as possible. For that purpose, please act in coordination with the credit providers.

Please note!

Exceeding credit facilities or late payments that are not arranged in advance may have a negative impact on your credit rating and your ability to take out credit under good terms in the future.

In view of the challenge we face, we call on the public to remain vigilant and to utilize the existing leniencies in order to get through this period with as little negative impact as possible. Our service center will continue operating on a reduced scale in order to provide you with responses to any questions concerning the credit data system.


Information Published by the Bank of Israel due to the Corona Epidemic